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                                                            January 29, 2017
This will be my last report on this educational adventure.  If you have followed any of my meanderings you know that I started this as a complete novice with this thing called the internet. My original goal was to explore some of the different ways to make money on the net.  I have to admit that this has been a monetary disappointment but certainly rich in all the things I have learned.  I have approached this with the idea of seeing what I could do without investing money in this.  I am not sure that the results would have been any better if I had.  I have looked at hundreds of sites and get rich schemes and find that they are all fishing for the unwary.  I have reported on a number of work from home schemes and found them to be either scams or too little money to bother with.  I have found and shared a lot of free and useful sites.  It has been gratifying to see all the visits to my site.  At one point there were 500 visits in a week coming from 10 different countries and 36 different cities around the world.  I am still searching for a unique niche product that I can make use of this experience to promote.  Thanks to all who have paid me a visit. 

                                                              January 21, 2017
There will not be a blog this week.  You might find something of interest by perusing some earlier blogs.
                                                               January 14, 2017
Another very useful and free site from Google is   googleannalytics'com    This is an amazingly powerful tool that annualizes the traffic to your website.  It tells me how many people visit my site, what they looked at, how long they stayed, if they are new or returning, what city they are from, the browser they were using.  If they come by way of one of my classified ads it tells me what item they looked at.  Depending on the amount traffic and search engine results it can provide much more information.  When I went from daily to weekly with this blog I lost some of my followers but gained others when I started to use  Most of the new ones are coming from other countries.  Another free site, at least for a trial period, is   This site allows you to make movies from your pictures. It is simple and easy to use.  I have now dropped my cable and am trying out the Amazon Fire Stick.  Still trying to figure out what it can do and experimenting with a home made indoor TV antenna.  This is a more complicated version of the old wire coathanger rig.  This can work well depending on your location and distance from transmitters and works much better than the inexpensive store bought ones.  Will report more on these later.
                                                                                  January 7, 2017   
Back to basics, there is no free lunch.  From the beginning, this experiment has been to learn about this magic thing called the internet and to see what I could do without a big investment or getting sucked into some expensive scam. I have found the internet to be a wonderful source of information but also a place where the vultures are circling waiting to take advantage of human nature.  We all would like to believe there is really a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  I guess, from the beginning, there has always been the medicine man selling the magic potions.  Now he has unlimited access to scam millions of people right from his keyboard.  I still have a person who wants to give me $8000 dollars to invest in his stock market scheme.  Does this smell just a little bit fishy?  This was from the same site that was promising $10,000 a day from a $250 investment and they are making these offers just to share their good fortune with others.  I am working with three affiliate marketing sites and not finding much that I feel comfortable promoting.  The Free give away deals are never really free and can turn out to be very expensive.  I am still looking for the perfect niche product that I can focus on.  The items shown on the left are all good quality and value and have excellent reviews.
                                                                December 31, 2016  
Here we are, the last day of 2016.  Let's start the new year with high hopes and great optimism.  2016 certainly had its ups and downs, maybe 2017 will have more of the ups.  If you think back to where you were at the beginning of 2016 could you have ever imagined all of the unexpected things that life has handed you this past year.  As for myself, I started the year with no real plan.  We were traveling down the East coast in a 24' travel trailer and have ended up here in Florida in an apartment overlooking palm trees and a swimming pool.  We had some family visiting for a few days and they just went back home to enjoy a foot and a half of new snow.  Haven't had much time to gather new information to share with you.  I am looking for useful and free sites that I can try out and recommend. I have been looking at some online stores that will list your products and do all the sales for you but they get a 15% commission.  One interesting site that I looked at is  This site lets you download free Kindel books.  The offer is good for a certain number of days and then you have to be careful not to get tricked into a monthly fee.  A happy and healthy 2017 to all.
                                                                 December 24, 2016  
Today's subject, Are you happy with your cable provider or do you think they are taking advantage of you with increasing rates?  They are justifying these higher rates by offering 300 or more channels.  I will bet most of us never use more than half dozen of them. If you look at the cost per channel that you actually use it seems to be unreasonable.  I know a lot of people who are just dropping the cable and going back to the good old free antenna.  Depending on your location you can get a lot of stations over the air.  Antennas work better now that broadcasts have gone digital.  You don't  get the weak snowy signals we used to get with analog.  Technology is changing with the smart TVs and fire stick devices.  Unfortunately, you need an internet connection for these.  My provider is offering a special internet deal for new customers but will not give it to regular customers, that really stinks. Isn't this a great way to reward customer loyalty ?   I have added the new Fire Stick with voice control, lower left, this is an amazing device.  It can even turn your unsmart TV into a smart TV.  Give it a click and check out the details.  For the $39.99 you might want to say bye bye to your cable.
                                                                December 17, 2016   #whatmemory
I am shocked to wake up this morning and find that it is Friday already.  I have no clue where the week has gone.  I have heard people say that they are afraid that after retirement they will be bored and have nothing to take up their time.  I don't believe many still feel that way after retirement.  On the contrary, there just never seems to be enough time to go around.  Those of us who are mature citizens beginning to get short term memory issues, probably won't remember what we did yesterday anyway.  Now, what did I have for breakfast?  You know what I mean, you just went into the other room and forgot what you went in there for.  I am still loving this grammarly program, free from google crome.  Google has a lot good free goodies, such as google sheets.  A spread sheet that is very easy to use.  I have been expanding my free classified ads and getting a few more clicks, but no sales from them.  If you are a  parent or grandparent, you may have been looking at the GPS tracking watches for kids.  I think they are a wonderful idea and I have been searching for a good one.  Have looked at many and read a lot of reviews.  It seems that there are a lot of compatibility issues with sim cards and I-phone apps.  The only negative comment I found on this one was someone said the initial set up was a bit frustrating.  Check out this one bottom left. 

                                                                December 10, 2016  
Today I will report on my recent work from home activities.  I am still getting a lot of offers for secret shoppers but haven't excepted anymore since I never got paid for the restaurant shop I did two months ago.  I have done another store display setup, no big money in that.  I have been getting many offers to bid on jobs from    I did a few small jobs through them but have given that up since they raised their bid price from $3 to $15. That is too costly for small jobs. My great internet adventure is muddling along with out any great financial windfalls.  My free classified ads have had limited success.  They would be much more effective if I bought the paid ads and got better positioning and linking options.  The one cash investment that I have made, $39 for a up and running website has been pretty much a dud.  The material was there but it still required buying advertising space.  I am strumming the same old song, "It takes money to make money".  I just discovered a problem with one of my affiliate sites.  It appeared that my links were going to the products but I was not getting credit for it.  I have redone the linking and found a tool to check it out.  I have to wonder what I have missed out on.                                                                

                                                                December 3, 2016  
Here we are in the last month of 2016, where has it gone.  It is kind of like your pay check, we are wondering where it all went.  Sometimes I feel like I am standing beside the road watching the world go buy.  We all think we have a plan for our future but in reality life just happens to us.  Just think back where you were five years, ten years or fifteen years ago.  Could you have imagined the course your life has taken and where you are now ?  I could never have guessed at the turns and squrms that my own life has taken.  Here is another free site that I found very useful.  infographic:getmoreoutof    This is a free site that gives you all kinds of tips on using Google search.  Well worth taking a look at.  Another free site is   If you would like to start learning a code, such as html, or if you would like just some insite on how programing works this is a great site.  They give you step by step instrutions on learning coding.  

                                                                November 26, 20  
I am feeling like Diogenes, carrying a lantern and searching the world for an honest man.  I have been searching literally hundreds of sites trying to find some honest and legitimate offers.  Maybe it is not fair to call all of these scams but they are so clever with these promotions that you can be sucked in before you know it.  In the end, all you are going to get for your money is a big bucket of disappointment. If you had a store front and posted any of these claims in your window you would be sued for false advertising but the internet is catch as catch can. I am finding a lot of free and useful sites. A warning, beware of the 30 day free trials and give aways. If they are legitimate free sites they will not ask for a credit card number.  Many of the 30 day free trials are designed to trap you into continuing after the 30 days and you will have trouble getting it turned off.  A source of some useful freebies is google crome ext.  The free gift sites usually turn out to be very expensive.  I am still looking for the good one, I know it is out there. 

     November 19, 2016      
I will relate a recent experience that I had with Craigslist, a very good and popular site.  We had a very nice electric organ that we advertising on Craigslist.  We received a response from someone a long distance from us who wanted to buy it site unseen.  Red Flag, Red Flag  He agreed to send a cashiers check for the price of the organ plus $2000 to have it shipped by his mover.  We received the check with instructions to deposit it in our account and to send the extra money to the moving company.  He also said we could keep an extra $50 for our  trouble. I suspect his hope was that we would deposit the check and send the money right away before the check bounced.  When we told him we would only cash the check at a branch of his bank we never heard from him again.  The buzzards are always circling.   I don't understand how these low lives can continue doing this with apparent immunity.  They must be successful at tricking a lot of people or they wouldn't be doing it. 
I am beginning to make some sense, not dollars and cents, out of these terms.  Today's term, SLUGS, this is some descriptive keywords added after the post or page title that tells the search engines the subject matter of the post.  You can also add an additional set of descriptive words called long-tailed slugs. 
                                                                 November 12, 2016    
As you can see I have added some items for my gift suggestion list on the left side of this page.  These are quality products that I have searched out and found to have excellent reviews and they are lower priced than some other offers for the same items.  I am finding the most incredulous get rich schemes advertised online.  They all follow the same themes with the amazing overnight success stories.  Then they tell you about their one of kind secret formula guaranteIed to make money.  In the end, you don't  get any useful information, just a sales pitch to sell their own promotion.  Here is the wildest one yet.    It promises that you will make $1000 in the first 15 minutes after signing up and to keep paying off like that.  Half way into their exceptionally convincing promo I was reaching for my wallet and had to keep looking at the sign on my wall that says "If it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't"  They claim to have the magic bullet to predict the stock market.  In the end, you get handed off to a stock broker who requires a $250 initial investment.  I wish I had an extra $250 to follow up on this and get the rest of the story.  I might have been rich by now or wondering where my $250 went.  
                                                                November 5, 2016     
SEO'S,  search engine optimization, this is an amazing system where these search engines can crawl, (look over), zillions of sites and articles and pick up on  key words and phrases.  If you have something you want the search to pick up you need to have titles that contain trending key words  and an accurate description of your page.  Each individual page needs its own title and description.  As smart as they are search engines do not enjoy looking at pictures so you need to tag your images with text that they can read.  While these engines are crawling over all this text they are assembling ranked lists of most popular and prevalent websites.  Obviously, the higher rank your site gets the more times it will be picked up in a search.  The more links you have coming and going from your site the higher the ranking.  You can create a site map of your website.  This is a list of all of your pages, wich makes a file for the engines to pick up easily.  A free source for this is  Another free site is  It will send your information out to various other sites giving more exposure to the search engines.  Speaking of free sites, the google grammarly that I mentioned earlier is great.  It will follow you where ever you go, to facebook and even to the classifieds.  If all this is more than you wanted to know, check out today's new  Goobers fortunes and misfortunes 
                                                                  November 1, 2016
Tearing another page from the calendar, I still feel like I am at least a month behind.  Due to economic and domestic obligations, I have decided to publish this blog once a week on Saturdays.  Hopefully, I will be able to share more useful information with you.  

                                                                  October 31, 2016   ( Work from home, is it real ? )
Today I am looking at another work from home scheme.  This company, American Consumer Panels, promises really good money to test products in your home and do detailed reports on them.  They offer $25 Hr. for 15 to 20 hours per week, sounds pretty good  but when I started the application I was shunted off to some third party site wich offered reward points to do the same thing. I may look at this some more.  It seems like the whole internet is one colossal shell game.  Is there really a pea under one of these shells ?  This whole experiment I have been trying to find real up and up deals and opportunities but almost all of the things I have looked at are just come-ons for some dubious scheme or unrealistic promise.                                                                               

                                                                   October 30, 2016
 Still looking for items for my gift list. One item I looked at was an electric drum set.  It would be a great gift to give your grandkids but never your own.  Another item I thought would be good is a digital camera for kids. I looked at some and didn't like the quality.  Too many of these toys that I would like for myself.  Had a little trip down memory lane. A friend sent me stories and articles about the one room school we both attended in the way back days in Maine.  By today's standards,it was  hopelessly primitive, no running water and facilities out back. One teacher and eight grades in one room but I believe we got a pretty good education from it.   

                                                                   October 29, 2016
Way late today, I am working on a list of items to post as Christmas gifts.  My first item is a set of walkie talkies for kids.  I know these are a useful gift because my daughter uses them to keep track of her children around home and when they go camping.  I choose this item from several sources that I have.  I looked at a number of these and read all the reviews.  This seems to be a quality product with excellent reviews.  My process for getting it posted on the left of this page was to go to the source and take a picture of the item and down load it, crop it, upload to this page, add text, then back to the source to pick up the link and bring it back to the image.  Fortunately, some are much easier.  Would appreciate suggestions for my list.    

                                                                    October 28,  2016
  I am like Alice in wonder land.  I am surrounded by all of these different options and am trying to get something going without a big investment or free.  I obviously have no real advice for anyone, just sharing my experience.  Here is a very useful freebe.  It is a chrome extension  "grammarly", it does spell checking and grammar.  Another free site is   It helps the search engines to find your site, at least I think it does.  Not getting much from the free classifieds, need to research this a lot more.  As you can see I got the links below working, well kinda. 
                                                                     October 27, 2016
My apology for yesterday's link below.  For some reason, I can't get it to open here, more technical frustration.  You can get it from my Facebook blog page, it is worth checking out.  My other life keeps getting in the way of this project.  Another one of my work from home jobs came up yesterday.  I had applied to a local car dealership for a job transporting cars from one dealer to another and got a call yesterday to go out for that.  I am also doing some handyman work from the    My latest effort from   is a promotion for a unique weight loss program.  This is a diet and nutrition plan, not a starvation type diet. I learned a lot from watching their video.  I may see if it works on my jelly roll.
                                                                     October 25, 2016
The word today is OVERWHELMED. The dictionary says, "too much of a thing / too many things to deal with / drowned beneath a huge mass.  In this case, I am inundated by an overload of information and am trying to figure out what to do with it.  I have posted my first instaffiliate post on Facebook and some classifieds.  This is a free blog written mostly for women.  I think you will find it interesting and informative.  
Women in Their 40's Ultimate Guide
As a woman, the prospect of entering into your 40's can be a pretty intimidating notion but there is nothing or no one that says that your best days have to be behind you just because you are knocking on the door of 40. In fact, your 40's can be the best decade of your life.

                                                                      October 24, 2016
Starting out a new day with some optimism.  I got some help from a friend who suggested that I try  This was a free version of their products and probably well worth their update.  Time will tell if this has chased away this nasty pest.  Back to the tutorials and my homework.  I hope that today I will be able to post some of these new promotions and see some results.  Not really expecting the Brinx truck to back up to my door.  I will replace some of the ads on this page and also some free classifieds.  The next step is to get exposure to the search engines.  This is going to be a very detailed project.

                                                                       October 23, 2016
This morning I am dealing with a malware problem. This could be a disaster for all of the information  I have accumulated.  I went through Microsoft support and after an hour online they told me that for the piddling little price of $180 they could make it all go away.  Since my computer is worth maybe $50, what to do now ?  I have deleted a couple of suspicious things and updated my security. The question now is this beast still hiding in there munching away at my files?  All of this is taking time away from getting my other programs running.  Hope it is only time that I am losing.

                                                                       October 22, 2016
Late again, I am working at getting the new affiliate program operating.  I am finding it difficult to separate the basic program from all the up grade offers they are pushing, to get the real good stuff.  The promotion said all you have to is to push a couple of buttons and wait for the Brinks truck to bring you money.  It is going to take a lot of studying to understand all these functions and to get full usage from them.  It comes with a lot of tutorials and that is very time consuming to read and study this.  As I unravel this I will report some of the details and results. 

                                                                         October 21, 2016
To day's Blog is going to be short and late.  Still had some left overs to take care off from moving.  I did give in to the temptation of  I have invested heavily in this, $39.  Like every thing else it is not as simple as it appears.  I haven't had time to really delve into it yet.  It seems that for the $39 I get to use their functioning platforms and a great many advertising tools.  I will report on this as I puzzle it out one piece at a time.

                                                                        October 20, 2016
Yesterday's blog got pre-empted by other life issues.  I am trying not to be repetitive with these blogs but am reporting on what I am actually doing.  which is trying to get responses from free classified adds.  I have gotten some response from but not getting what I want from vendanything .com and some others that I have tried.   Still looking at other classifieds but probably shouldn't  expect much for FREE.  It is very tempting to go crazy and start buying some ads and investing some money in sites such as   or   I honestly don't think I have learned enough about this very complex field to risk more than a couple of dollars to experiment.  one other temptation is a site I just found  where you can buy the site all up and running and bringing in revenue.  This needs a lot more study and I will report on it later.
                                                                        October 18, 2016
So many different options that I could get into.  Someone had this advice when you are overwhelmed with too many choices, stop, don't do anything.  Pick one thing and concentrate only on it and totally ignore every thing else, sounds easy.  In my quest for useful free websites I found   This website lets you design and manage custom landing pages.  When someone clicks on your add you want them to go to a specific landing page.  This is where you will get or not get a sale (conversion).  You want this page to be attractive and persuasive displaying this promotion.  Something has gone awry with my classified add for the dating site.  I now have 23 ladies wanting to meet me.

                                                                        October 17, 2016
More secret shopping, I could do a bowling shop and get reimbursed up to $50 or I could pass out food samples at a grocery store for $85, are you excited about this ?  I got some results from the  adds but need to expand all that and do a much better sales presentation with these.  I am still searching for other free classifieds that do allow linking.   Face Book has a two week free trial for their online store and after that it is $20 a month.  I think it is to soon for me to get into that.  I am suffering considerable frustration with the classifieds.  Trying do figure out what is allowed and what is not on different typs of adds and getting the allowed linkings working. 
                                                                        October 16, 2016
I had promised to share some numbers with you and as I have said "this blog has just happened with no particular design".  I am now getting 100 plus visits each day coming from 26 different cities.  I am able to track this daily.  Hello to the 2 people checking in from Quezon city.  Would love to hear from you.  How did you find this site ? ( comment button above )  I want to thank everyone for stopping by to visit and hope you get a little something from it.   is a free classified add site that allows some linking. I am doing some experimenting with them, will report results later.
                                                                        October 15, 2016
Offers to do secret shopping, one of the latest is that I could take my car to a GM dealer and get it serviced and would be reimbursed up to $45 after filing a report on the service.  I could go and get a pizza and get reimbursed up to $20.  I could go shopping at a car dealership and report on that experience, a big $45 for going through that sales pitch.  I could go to a big box store and do a report on that and get reimbursed up to $25 for a purchase that I make.  Probably the best is restaurant shops although I am still waiting to get paid for the last one.  Unless you just do this for a hobby it is not worth the paperwork involved. 

                                                                        October 14, 2016
A little commercial business this morning.  I am adding these alarm sensors to my list. I have used these before and can highly recommend them.  They are very easy to install and they are effective. What burglar would continue into a house with this screaming at him, they are loud.  The best thing about them is they are cheap, $14 for a set of 10.  These can be used on anything that opens.  I used them on screen doors and garage doors.  If you have kids around they are good for medicine cabinets and kitchen cabinets. If you buy a set of these I will make a whopping .56 cents.
                                                                         October  13, 2016
Is it my age or is someone flipping the calender pages way too fast.  I am taking another look at  their minimum deposit is $50 to get started.  You place a bid on certain key words  and get exposure to many sites.  The higher your bid the more exposure you get.  The bids are typically .01 to .10 per click.  Now let's take a math test.  Assume you bid .01 for a key word site and get 100 clicks it will cost you $1.00.  If the CR conversion rate is 2% only 2 of these clicks will pay off.  Assume a pay off of .90 you get a return of $1.80 for your $1.00 investment or you could get nothing.  If the CR was 5% you would get a return of $4.50.   If any of this is interesting or helpfull, always looking for comments   ( button above )

                                                                         October 12, 2016
Getting more opportunities for secret shopping but have been too busy with the moving to try more of them.  No big money but kind of interesting.  My free classifieds have not done a great deal.  It is going to take a little seed money to spice them up.  I had no idea how much time it would take working on all of these different things.  This has been an interesting and ongoing experience which I hope to make practical use of.   is a site that you can post your promotions as a PPV  pay per view.  You pay a fee when someone views your add, usually for a specific length of time.  The fees can be from .01 per view on up and they require a $500 minimum starting deposit.

                                                                          October 10 , 2016
Back on line and catching up on stuff, a lot of emails and a million spams.  I  have a brand new crow's nest view now, looking down at the pool and palm trees.  There are some funny people but no hats.  Still trying to find everything  from the move.  I have located my pants and my tooth brush so I am good to go.  I hope to get back to working on the classified ads today and see wich ones are getting any interest.  This moving has taken too much time from this project, also getting some jobs from the  site.

                                                                          October 5, 2016
The view from the crow's nest is changing daily.  The steel is going up for the new store and moving right along.  Back to face book, it is essential to keep up with some interesting information and trending posts about your niche to maintain and increase your followers.  One source of images and trending posts is , another is   This is time consuming and as you know very easy to get distracted by some other interest.  Still trying to get a handle on all of this.      
                                                                           October 4, 2016
Yesterdays blog slipped away amongst two many things to do. I have to assume  that the number of people folowing this page must be interested in the marketing aspect of this, not getting much feed back.  Today I am studing face book page paid advertising.  It seems like the magic potion is to have your own private "niche".  Something you can write about and post associated articles about but not the same subject everyone else is doing.  You can have mutiple fan pages as long as you have the one personal page.  I guess temporarily this blog is my "niche" untill I get better organized.  I need to find related things to post. More on this tomorrow. 
                                                                           October 2, 2016
October 2 and what to do. is an option that I am looking at.  You can post your adds and pay a fee every time someone clicks on it, PPC pay per click.  The fees are small but can add up fast so you need to have a very effective add to make this pay. They will give your key words a good exposure to the web.  This can be tied back to my account and I can track the source of the clicks.  Is this better than the paid classified adds ?  I think as a beginner I need both.  If I start investing real money in this it takes on a whole different flavor.
                                                                           October 1, 2016
Wow !, here it is October already, no wonder the stores are full of Christmass stuff.  Does anyone have a guess what this years hot toys will be ?  Probably not eight track stereos and cabbage patch dolls. By the way, what is an eight track ? I am trying out different free classified sites and am finding the free part is not very friendly to commercial adds, not surprising there.  There are limitations on posting images and the most important no links.  The "free" add isn't much good if you can't link it to a web site.  There are exceptions like  which I like a lot and  may make a small investment with them to upgrade adds. Such as better placement, keep moving them to the top of the list, more colorful displays.  Up untill now I haven't spent any money but as the man says, " If you want play you gotta pay".

                                                                           September 30, 2016
I think a little bit of Goober this morning.  In one of my other life times I got into beekeeping as a hobby.  Bees are extremely fascinating creatures and a couple of hives make a great hobby but Goober got too excited about it and expanded it into a lot of hard work.  I could go on all day about bees but today's story  is about one of my early attempts to extract honey.  This is the Goober mentality, I don't need a expensive extracter, I will just use the washing machine to spin the honey out.  I put the frames full of honey into plastic bags and placed them in the washer and turned on the spin cycle.  I bet you can see this coming, the frames broke, the bags broke and the wifes temper broke.  I am working to expand the free classifieds, which are not as free as they sound.  Another learning experience.

                                                                           September 29, 2016
I have received a question, thank you, about how I choose the items that I am posting.  Idealy I would like to buy and try every thing personally but that is not possible at this time.  Let's take a look at these 9 posts.  Blog by Number, I have looked at this book and know of someone who actually used it.  The dating site, my wife won't let me try it out, but I have compared it to a number of other sites and this one seems to be legitimate and clean.  The Rodent Sheriff, who picked that name, this a product that was advertised on TV for some time. I will be replacing it soon.  The night view glasses I have used in the past and found that they work great in rain and snow conditions.  Flex Seal was advertised on TV and I know someone who patched a boat with it.  I think the AFLAK duck needs some of this.  Tough Blades have been on TV for a long time. I will be trying and reporting on these later.  I have no real feed back from the scholarship site but have looked at it and it seems a good source of information. The Home Security System is my first from Amazon.  I have installed and used a similar system and it worked great and is a bargin at this price. Click on this and you go directly to the Amazon page and get all the choices and Amazon guarantees.     
                                                                            September 28, 2016
This page is starting to look like the hall closet.  Every time I find or learn something it gets hung on this page.  Like the closet, some day I will have to clean it.  I would like to start a newsletter but right now it is some where in that closet.  Still working on getting the Amazon linking squared away.  This is heavy stuff for a non techie.  Probabaly a 6 year old kid could show me how.  Haven't had time to try out any more of the work from home schemes, might be a good topic for newsletter.  The adds on this page are items that I felt good about posting.  I get a small pittance when some one goes to the site or buys something.  If you know anyone looking at college the schoolarship add is worth a look.  

                                                                            September 27, 2016
This morning I am approaching another " dither ".  I am finding so many options and directions that I could go with this, all requiring time and money.  This is something that I found yesterday.  A site  where you can buy a website that is already up and running and bringing in revenue.  From $100 for a new site just started, no income yet, to several $1000 for established sites bringing in a good return.  Speaking of money, I have racked up $1.40 in sales.  All this means is that all my gizmos are up and running.  Hope to get Amazon going today.

                                                                             September 26, 2016
The more I learn the more ignorant I get.  Now that is a sobering thought but so true.  I am working at setting up the Amazon affiliate account.  This looks like a great opportunity for a beginning marketer.  You can advertise one of their products and if you get someone to go to Amazon and buy it you get a small commision of 4% and if they buy any other items you get paid for that too.  Good deal because Amazon handles all the details, payments, shipping and returns.  I haven't mastered the linking procedure yet, more ignorance to conquer.  Point of interest, when someone comes to this site I can tell where they are from.  For about a week I had 10 people from Beijing coming on but have gradually dropped off, just curious,     

                                                                              September 25, 2016
Products and promotions, I am still looking for real products that are legitimate deals.  I don't want to recommend anything that is not on the up and up.  I am looking into referring Amazon products, a name and reputation that everyone knows.  Nothing to report from the classifieds as of yet.  I need to expand and work on content with these.  Maybe some  more after breakfast.  Just had eggs and buffalo baloney, yum.  As I have mentioned before the most popular and best conversion rates are X rated ones.  I don't know if I want to follow the $ in that direction.    

                                                                               September 24, 2016
Trying to get a handle on S.E.O, search engine optomization.  This basically means getting your site to show up on search engines such as google.  Google is not human and doesn'tcare about pretty pictures.  It looks at text and picks up on key words with headlines being more obvious.  It searches articles, crawls in the text for the key words that will match someones search.  For instance if you were selling plants you would make sure that the word plants was prominent so the search engines could see it.  You can get services and programs that will make your site more visible to the searches, more buck$.

                                                                                September 23, 2016
Yesterday's Blog lost out to one of my work from home gigs, a handyman job from .  I also did the outside vender store setup thing, no real big money in these things.  Getting more offers for secret shopping .  Not much money but a free meal once in a while.
More on Aweber, with this tool you can start building your Email lists and storing them in specialized categories.  When you send out an Email notice it can tell  you if the person, clicked on it, opened it or responded to it.  You can see who was interested in your notice and who was not and it can automatically send follow up notices from these lists.  This is just the jist of this very powerful tool. 

                                                                                 September 21, 2016
Someone has commented that I am being repetitious with this, it is true, I am thinking of new visiters to the blog and am limited by my own learning curve and severe monitary restrictions, which  brings us to today's discussion, pay to play, aside from needing to buy some paid adds from $5 to big$.   I need to set up a service for collecting and responding to Email.  offers this for $19 per month, not bad but only one of many needs.  This service will allow you to track your Email traffic and send replies to potential customers.  I am told that this is an essential tool to have.     

                                                                                                         September 20, 2016
As you can see this page is under going a face lift.  I have mixed feelings about this layout.  I don't want it to be completely commercial because my plan has been to share the ups and downs of this adventure with you but in the end we would all like to make a buck.  I am listing these items in the free classifieds to see what happens.  These offers are from peerfly so I can not promote them by name in the classifieds, only by description and back to this site.  This is what you get for free.  Feel free to browse.   
                                                                                  September 19, 2016
The view from the crow's nest is more holes, more cement and a lot of funny hats.  Today there is a very large mechanical dinasour squirting cement here and there.  My classified ads have not been up long enough to see results but should work better now that I have fixed the links to this page.  I don't expect the free ads to go far.  For about $5.00 I can upgrade the ads for better visability and position.  If I receive only a few cents per sale you can see that this has to be a very good promotion.  
I would like  to hear from someone who has placed paid ads on facebook.  One of my work from home sidetracks is  I have gotten some handyman work from them and think it could work for some people.
                                                                                   September 18, 2016 
If you are a new  visiter to this page I hope you will parruse previous blogs as to understand what I am trying to share with you.  If you have been following me you must have an interest in what I am doing.   The next level is going to be focused on advertising and the starting cost of getting serious with this.  At this point, I have no actually results to share with you.  I am still gathering info and trying to avoid getting caught up in somebody's gotcha scheme.  There are dozens of people guaranteeing that if you buy into their "secret sauce" you will be rolling in money by the next day.  I am trying to find and share some legitimate avenues with you.  I have quite a number of visits to this page every day but no comments.  Send a comment and say that I am an idiot, I would love it.  Maybe I will share some numbers later on.

                                                                                                            September 17,  2016
Today's report on work from home haps and mishaps.  I  showed up at the store last night to do the product setup and found that the product had not been shipped to the store.  The setup is now rescheduled for another night.  Not giving up yet.  I am still experimenting with classified free ads, trying to get traffic to this site.  I have just found a book to promote which I believe will be a valuable asset to anyone who is starting a blog or thinking of starting a blog.  This book has everything you need to get you going.  I will post the website below.  I am finding it very time consuming searching and following up on these various things. 

                                                                                                            September 16, 2016
Good Morning, skipped a day but have a lot to report.  I guess this comes under the trials and tribulations heading.  I thought I had found a great deal on a great product with Perfect Biotics but they have changed the rules and say I don't have enough traffic to use it.  I am replacing it with, don't laugh, Rodent Sheriff.  This is a plant based totally safe product.  It is advertised to repel bugs, rodents and even raccoons from your house, maybe Mother in laws also.  The other item I have found is Flex Seal Liquid.  This works because I know some one who actually patched a boat with it.  As a handy man I can see a lot of uses for it.  These products have been seen on TV.  Another work from home gig, I will be going into a big box store and setting up dislays for a outside vender, more on that later.  Still waiting for my $35 from the restauant shop.   
                                                                                      September 14, 2016
A new day and in hot pursuit of that elusive dollar.  As I have mentioned before it is difficult to find a real product that I can recommend and promote with good conscience.  Unfortunately the most profitable adds are the ones offering over night riches and luring you into these endless surveys which pay off because they are gathering information and  trying to trap you into signing up for some scheme.  I found one item, PERFECT BIOTICS, listed below.  I know several people, including my wife who are using this product and raving about it.  Will be trying it myself.  I have not received my TOUGH BLADES yet but will report on the quality when I do.   Since PEERFLY does not allow their referrals on classified adds I am testing them to advertise my website, not ready to buy adds yet  

                                                                     Another day     September 13, 2016ch
My compass is broken, the needle is swinging all over.  My original goal was to educate myself and to share my experiences with others who might be interested.  I have taken some side tracks and reported on a number of things such as surveys and secret shopping but my main thrust has been toward eventually making a few bucks with internet marketing.  I have tried to share some useful information along the way.  I don't know if I should focus on the marketing or expand on the side tracks. This website has just kind of happened instead of a real design.  It needs a serious rehab.  When I started I had no idea where this was going ,still don't.  Would love some feed back, moans and groans, even applause.
                                                                                                   GOOBER HAS A GRIPE

Enough about politics, let us complain about something else.  Are we resigned to be abused by modern business technology ?  If you can get through the maze of menus and get to a real person, good luck with that, you get past from one department to another.  It is as if they can wear you out you will go away.   One time on a trip to NH my car broke down and I called my road service number.  I finally got to speak with someone who admitted that he was located in India.  I am sure he was a very smart man, speaking several languages, but I could not understand any of them.  After a half hour of trying to explain that route 103 in NH was no where near Dallas Texas, I just hung up.  If I call a business and get voice mail I will call another who answers their phone.  I may sound like a grumpy old man but I can remember when you called a business and a real person said "Hello, what can I help you with"?  What a unique way to do business.  
I mention the company name only because this was my actual experience.They appear to be legitimate if you don't mind spending a lot of time for very little return. I have tried about a dozen surveys and after several hours I have a grand total of $2.15 which I haven't received yet. You spend a lot of time filling out profile questionaires just to find that you don't qualify. My profile, retired and no young children at home. If I was working  and had 4 young kids at home and fitted a particular ethnic group it would be different. Some of the surveys are real brain teasers to just figure out their system. I will try others for comparison.  I am hoping to get your feed back. 

                                                                          This experiment has gone to the trash bin.